PHILIPPINES, February 15, 2020 – Epson is expanding its line of business scanners with the introduction of new models to its WorkForce range of products: DS-530II, DS-570WII, DS-730N, DS-770II and ES-580W. Designed to support high-volume scanning requirements, these models are developed to support the requirements of small to medium enterprises within the financial, healthcare, corporate, and government sectors.

Epson scanner

Gone are the days where businesses kept files in dusty drawers and large storage rooms. With the changing business needs, many organizations have traded in their filing cabinets for digital filing. Not only does this save physical space and cost, but also increases the security of sensitive information. 

Made for high performance and volume scanning

Designed to meet the needs of high-volume scanning environments, the WorkForce DS-530II, DS-570WII and ES-580W operate at speeds of up to 35ppm, the DS-730N is at 40ppm, and the DS-770II at 45ppm respectively. 

The DS-730N has a 1.4” colour LCD to allow users to operate the scanner easily. One-touch quick scan is now possible with the push buttons on the DS-730N. The ES-580W is equipped with a large 4.7” LCD touchscreen, allowing users easy operation without the use of a PC.

Sharing Made Easy

Equipped with the Epson Smart Panel mobile application support, the DS-570WII and ES-580W can scan, save, and send files conveniently.  Users can also troubleshoot the scanners from a smart device. Both scanners, which feature Wi-Fi connectivity, are able to transfer scanned files easily to any folder, email(s), File Transfer Protocol/Secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP/SFTP), SharePoint, or USB memory without any hassle. Meanwhile, both the DS-730N and ES-580W can transfer files directly to cloud without software.

Convenient Document Capturing and Scan-to Functions

Users can easily and efficiently digitise originals to suit their needs with the Document Capture Pro on the DS- range of scanners.

The software optically recognises barcodes, characters and blank pages in scanned documents to separate them into different folders. It allows users to create up to 30 customised job settings, making multiple scan jobs a breeze.

With built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capability, searchable PDF files can be created, and documents can be saved into editable Microsoft Office formats. Users can also assign passwords to protect their documents with the Advanced Log function.

For basic scan and save operations, the ES-580W comes equipped with Epson’s intuitive ScanSmart Software, designed to simplify and streamline the workflow.

Highly Reliable and Intelligent

These five highly capable document scanners come with a range of intelligent features that help ensure high quality scanning.

The Detect Glass Dirt feature on both scanners alerts users when dirt is detected on the scanner glass. When an alert message is displayed, users can easily clean the glass surface using the Epson Cleaning Kit or a microfiber cloth.

The Paper Protection function enables automatic stop upon the detection of abnormal paper feeding, folded and/or stapled papers. This helps to prevent damage to users’ documents fed into the scanner.

“Through our innovative technologies, we are happy to contribute more to the productivity and efficiency of businesses of every size, staying true to our vision to keep transforming the way our customers work. Each new generation of scanners we produce will keep improving document management for businesses, particularly within paper-intensive and highly document-dependent enterprises,” said Eduardo Bonoan, Head of Marketing, Epson Philippines.

The details for the DS-530II, DS-570WII, DS-730N, DS-770II and ES-580W are as shown below:

Model no. Scan Speed Daily Duty Cycle (sheets / day) ADF Application  / Mobile Apps Cloud Connection Paper Protection  and Dirt Detection
DS-530II 35ppm Up to 4,000 50 sheets Document Capture Pro Yes
DS-570WII 35ppm Up to 4,000 50 sheets Document Capture Pro Epson Smart Panel Yes
ES-580W 35ppm Up to 4,000 100 sheets Epson ScanSmart Epson Smart Panel Yes
DS-730N 35ppm Up to 4,500 100 sheets Document Capture Pro Yes
DS-770II 45ppm Up to 7,000 100 sheets Document Capture Pro Yes

All five WorkForce series document scanners will be available in the region from January 2021. Please contact your local Epson Authorised Dealer stores for more information.