Taguig City, September 25, 2019 The eCommerce industry in the Philippines continues to boom with more Filipinos connecting online. The internet penetration in the country is currently at 48.8% and is estimated to increase to 50.5% by 2022, says data research firm eMarketer.

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Along with this trend, the country’s eCommerce users are also set to rise further with an additional 18.02 million expected to be buying online by 2022 from the current 37.75 million, according to Statista.

A similar Statista report also revealed that the market revenue is also projected to grow as 45.77 million users are expected to spend an average of 48.72 USD online four years from now.

As indicated by these numbers, there is no doubt that the eCommerce is soon to become the shopping norm in retail businesses because of its definite success. Attributes, such as growing internet and technological advancements that provide better efficiency in the trade of goods are the reasons for the industry’s triumph.

J&T Express Philippines Chief Executive Officer Dean Ding said that the retailer’s capability to strategize and adapt to meet the consumer’s needs using today’s technologies makes the eCommerce thrive in the country.

“The value of eCommerce in the country increased through the years because of how online businesses combine technology and marketing strategies in fulfilling their consumer’s needs without delay, therefore, attaining continued profit,” added Ding.

As online businesses become prevalent in the country, J& T Express, the number one express delivery company in Southeast Asia, shares some insights and strategies for starting online retailers to pave success in the eCommerce Industry.

Raise your Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness is the core step to a successful online business as it is the means to the customer’s brand recall. For businesses to thrive, people should be aware of their brand. Social media is one platform to start as millions of people use it.  In the Philippines alone, the number of social media users has grown from 67 million to 76 million this year. Of these 76 million, 75 million are on Facebook as revealed by We Are Social and Hootsuite.

Spread your brand with quality content to different channels to instill customers of your business brand.

Contact your customers directly

Expand your contacts and utilize email as your marketing tool to help build a relationship with your customers. Online advertising can be unpredictable, but emails remain a concrete strategy to get the word out. It can be a game-changer as there are personal engagement and a line for extensive communication, allowing you to know what your customers’ wants and needs.

Provide excellent customer services

Customer service is a successful marketing tool for an online business. It is a way to gain their trust and loyalty as customers tend to feel satisfied when their inquiries and needs are addressed. It also allows you to learn on things to adjust for the improvement of your business.

Partner with the right courier

The right courier can impact your online business significantly as customers tend to purchase based on delivery time—this means that if you fail to deliver on time, the more likely it is for you to lose customers.

By partnering with the right courier, you can provide your customers with ease, assurance, and satisfaction. Select the company that promotes determination and aids you with the growth of your online business for the right courier can be your best partner.

J&T Express is an express delivery that provides efficiency and reliability. The company supports the growth of local e-commerce businesses nationwide, especially for small and medium enterprises.

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