Success doesn’t come easy for most of us. But that doesn’t mean we should easily give up. In fact, according to Jonathan Yabut, the winner of the first The Apprentice Asia, should look at failures not as the opposite of success, but an “input to future success.”

“Everyone needs a dose of failure to get it right,” he says.

Yabut, who was the speaker at the recent launch of Allianz PNB Life’s new insurance solution Allianz IndexLink, is one of the youngest and most sought-after motivational speakers in the country today. Below are some more tips you can adopt at any stage in your life that the apprentice-turned-mentor shares for developing a winning mindset in life.

1. Don’t settle for “Being” and think of “Becoming.”

“The state of being is a mindset saying that I have already achieved what I wanted, so I’m in my comfortable stage. I want to stay here because if I move, I might ruffle feathers and I might not be able to achieve anything else,” Jonathan explains.

He advises instead that one develops a mindset of “becoming”, a state where after they have already achieved what they wanted, they would move on to their next mission.

“Because a one-time victory is called tsamba or luck, but repeated victory means you’re consistently good in what you do. At the end of the day, if you want to keep your legacy, you want to be known as that guy who is repeating his victory because he’s good at what he does,” he says.

2. Grit can get you a long way.

“Grit is a non-intellectual, psychological trait, that no matter how many times you get down, you pick yourself up. You dust yourself off and start all over again,” Jonathan says.

He adds that being a winner is “accepting the fact that you may not be lucky all the time, that it will take you five, ten, twenty times to get it right.”

What is important, Jonathan points out, is that you get it right at the end because that’s what really matters.

3. Have a growth mindset.

If you’re not good at something, keep exerting effort into it so that you’ll do better over time.

“For example, you’re not good at Math. Having a growth mindset means that as long as you keep practicing those Math skills, you will definitely do better than anyone who did not practice at all,” he says.

4. Learn from your failures.

See failure as a way to better yourself.

“Whenever I experience failures in life, I ask myself what am I learning from this? How can I pick myself up from this? Over time, over a period of time, what can I do to finally correct it if I cannot get it right the first time around?” Jonathan concludes.

5. Look for win-win investments.

While being financially successful doesn’t necessarily equate to professional success, it’s important to be financially secure.

“We all have our own definition of success. However, there are certain situations where success requires more resources to happen,” he says.

Jonathan advices young people to invest as early as possible “because financial wealth is something determined by time.”

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