HONG KONG, CHINA – Media OutReach – 13 July 2019 – In regards to the recent media reports about Suncity Group, a press conference was held on 13th July, and Chief Executive Officer and Director of Suncity Group, Mr Alvin Chau, made further explanation.

Suncity Group held Press Conference to explain that the laws and regulations of the Macao SAR serve as the standard for future overseas business 1

Suncity Group held Press Conference to explain that the laws and regulations of the Macao SAR serve as the standard for future overseas business 2

He said, Sun City Gaming Promotion Company Limited operates junket promoting business legally. The Company and other related companies around the world are officially licensed. The Company has not operated the so-called online gaming platform, which is promoting gaming and conducting monetary settlement in Mainland China without physical gambling chips. Company profit has not exceeded the revenue of China Lottery, and absolutely has not disturbed the national financial order. All turnover data and income of the Company are officially announced by authority every month.

He also said during the press conference that, the Company has always complied with the laws and regulations of the Macao SAR, and this will continue to serve as the standard for future operation of the Group’s products and services. For any products that are legally allowed to operate in other countries and regions, the Company will not adopt them if the laws of Macao do not allow it and will strictly adhere to the law of Macao.

He reiterated that, the Company and other related companies have not engaged in any business that violates the laws of the People’s Republic of China and the Macao SAR. No legal actions against any media will be taken for this incident. He also appreciated the media for supervising the Company.

Suncity Group is deeply sorry for the all the inconvenience caused to the Macao Government and the possible negative impact on Macau gaming concessionaires. We hope the concerns generated in both Mainland China and the Macao SAR will be eased.

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About Suncity Group

Suncity Group was founded in 2007. Since establishment, Suncity Group has been striving to provide the extraordinary VIP entertainment service for our guests, and we then opened a number of VIP Clubs in various 6-star hotels and resorts throughout Macau with the rapid growth of our business. Meanwhile, we successively set up exclusive VIP Clubs in Manila, Melbourne, Sydney, Seoul, Incheon, Phnom Penh and Da Nang, etc.

Adhering to the spirit of “Innovating With Diversity, Striving For Success”, Suncity Group spared no effort to develop high-end entertainment services and products as well as roll out global VIP loyalty program for the selected members to enjoy entertainment, travel, catering services, luxury shopping and motion picture. Today, the scope of our business covers most sectors, especially in the fields of global travel, film production, concert and event planning, catering and luxury goods.

As a Macau born and bred enterprise, Suncity Group is not only devoted to develop the Asian market, but also oriented to expand the global network. In the future, we will surely continue to diversify our VIP entertainment services, attract more exclusive members and make every effort to promote our business in every corner of the world.

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