SEOUL, KOREA – Media OutReach – 2 July 2019 – GPE is a new generation of decentralized stable currency payment system constructed on the basis of smart contract by jointly efforts from a Singapore team who once participated in technology of multiple public chains. The scalable payment solution across public chain contracts is provided by constructing a decentralized crypto currency payment ecology, thus to create safe, high-efficient, convenient and sharing digital asset payment service for users.

GPE will pop up online by disassembling and matching system in the early July 2019, and at that time, there will be multiple national members admitted to GPE at the same time. We believe in the future, GPE will bring more surprises to all of you! Let’s wait and see.

About GPE

GPE is the world’s first payment ecosystem built on the model of stable currency. It has opened the era of digital currency financial payment, with the following three characteristics: Stable value (converted according to exchange rate of each country)?no bubble (one in one out, balance in and out)?no risk of realisation (interchangeable hedging, trading seconds, contract to USDT).

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