SHANGHAI, CHINA – Media OutReach – 24 June 2019 – Desay SV Automotive (“Desay SV” or “the Company”), leading automotive electronics provider in China, showcases its latest intelligent driving solutions based on Level 3 autonomous driving scenarios at CES Asia 2019 held from June 11 to 13.

Desay SV Presents Its Latest Intelligent Driving Solutions at CES Asia 2019 1

To give visitors a great understanding of the technology, Desay SV’s booth at CES 2019 demonstrated its latest smart cabin system and Internet of Vehicle (IoV) embedded with multifaceted technologies designed. The booth guests had the chance to experience the integration of humans and vehicle across multiple scenarios.

“We are delighted to bring our third-generation Smart Cabin to CES Asia 2019”, said Mr. Tan Choon Lim, the Chairman of Desay SV, “We believe that the future Smart Cabin will be based on in-vehicle electronics integrated with original hardware configurations and open architecture software. Capitalizing on the unprecedented opportunity granted by the automotive and Internet technology boom, we aim to push our exploration forward and constantly rethink the real-life application of IoV technologies.”

By simulating five typical novice driver scenarios to exemplify its versatile functionality, Desay SV highlighted the third-generation Smart Cabin and system’s ability to create more likely interconnected connected in-vehicle contexts alongside deeper and richer interactions with external driver situations.

Alongside the Smart Cabin the IoV business segment has been presented, which provided an insight into the information security and sustainability of Desay SV’s back-end service via the integration of IoV technologies, Smart Cabin and Smart Driving. As one of the three strategic business segments of the company, the application of IoV on scene shows the intuitive interaction between V2P, V2V and the future of smart travel with care, security and IoT.

Desay SV demonstrated a variety of solutions under automatic driving scenarios by means of digital sand table, including high-speed and low-speed autonomous driving scheme based on technologies such as automatic driving domain control unit, automatic parking system scheme integrating ultrasonic radar and visual algorithm, Valet Parking Program, V2X Program, Driver Monitoring System and Millimeter Wave Radar.

“CES Asia 2019 has given us a tremendous opportunity to exhibit our latest services and products to the world and communicate with clients and industry leaders”, said Mr. Tan and added: “To respond to the future demand for autonomous driving services of our clients and customers, we will continue to explore the potential of IoV and provide better driving experiences”.

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About Desay SV Automotive

Desay SV (stock code: 002920), one of the leading automotive electronics companies in China, is an active player in the domain of Intelligent and Connected Vehicles (ICV). It provides innovative, smart and competitive electronics solutions and services to Smart Cabin, Smart driving and Smart Connected Services technologies. It focuses on the seamless integration of human, machine and lifestyle.

Desay SV is committed to augment its expertise and capabilities in R&D, quality management and intelligent manufacturing for over 30 years, ensuring that it is able to meet the diverse needs of OEM customers and provide them with superior solutions and services. Desay SV has established long-term partnerships with Volkswagen Group, Mazda, Volvo Cars, FAW Group, SAIC Group, Geely Auto, Great Wall Motors, GAC Group, Chery, NIO, XPENG and many other local and global OEM customers.

With the headquarter located in Huizhou, Desay SV Automotive has also set up R&D branches in Nanjing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Singapore, Europe and Japan. It is one of the largest automotive electronics industry players in China.

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