SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 18 June 2019 – The Open Innovation Platform (OIP), an initiative by IMDA (Info-communications Media Development Authority), aims to accelerate digital innovation by matching real business challenges of Problem Owners to Problem Solvers. Connectome has put up two problem statements related to Human AI Assistant technology platform on the OIP.

Connectome has put up two problem statements related to Human AI Assistant technology platform on the Open Innovation Platform (OIP), an initiative by IMDA (Info-communications Media Development Authority) 1

Connectome Pte Ltd (Main office: Singapore, Representative: Yasunori Motani, below referred to as “Connectome Ltd.”)  is participating in the Open Innovation Platform (OIP) as a Problem Owner, looking for potential solvers to develop and implement practical applications of Human form AI assistants, known as VHAs (Virtual Human Agents).

The OIP is a virtual crowd-sourcing platform that connects and matches real business challenges or digitalisation opportunities of Problem Owners to Problem Solvers. The OIP accelerates digital transformation and expands innovation capacity in our ecosystem; Problem Owners benefit from access to a large community of Problem Solvers with multi-disciplinary tech expertise, while Problem Solvers on the OIP have access to potential customers and co-innovation opportunities.  

World-leading corporations as well as government agencies and SMEs are also participating as Problem Owners in this innovation call.

A key feature of Connectome Project: VHA?Virtual Human Agent? is a Virtual Character that possesses visual, audio and other sensory capabilities, as well as emotional and cognitive abilities.  VHAs are capable of learning mechanical functions, differentiating images and recognizing audio, enabling them to fully grasp events and situations based on real-time footage, and react or respond using its original AI character, or operate synced interior appliances, etc., all the while thinking and communicating as real humans would.

While the VHA technology has already proven its ability to understand to users’ emotions and intentions, as well as express its own emotions when responding as real humans would, the two problem challenges presented on the OIP to further develop the technology’s potential are: 

Allowing for shorter delays and larger capacity, 5G data communication technology is expected to open up a vast array of new possibilities and opportunities for business across many industries.  Aspiring to achieve VHA implementation, Connectome aim to perform testing of VHA applications in 5G environments with capable partners.  Potential partners include businesses with optimal 5G, network, system resources, and related operating knowledge readily available, or providers of Smart Glasses, Hologram, etc., whose devices can perform 5G operations at full strength and capacity. 

The Home Care Service space is facing a host of challenges and issues awaiting resolution, such as sub-replacement fertility, aging society, labour shortage, increased need for safety and usability, etc.. To devise solutions for these unresolved issues, Connectome is inviting potential partners, such as providers of medical equipment and devices or medical services, to collaborate on the successful development of a VHA prototype for usage in the home care service space.

Connectome Project aims to propel the adoption of Japan’s advanced technologies onto a global scale through an open innovation approach by collaborating with Singapore, where the practical application of innovative technology to society is highly regarded and nurtured.

The application phase for the current innovation call is now open until June 21st (Fri.) at 1600 hours. For more information, please check:

Regarding Open Innovation Platform

The Open Innovation Platform (OIP), an initiative of IMDA, is a virtual crowd-sourcing platform that connects and matches Problem Owners and Problem Solvers, building up digital innovation capabilities for both large and small enterprises.


Regarding Connectome

Connectome’s Virtual Human Agent (VHA) technology will replace smartphones and smart speakers as the ultimate interface of the future.  VHAs are human form AI assistants “” that bring together a combination of advanced technology consisting of AI?Blockchain?AR, to help build a future where humans can trust AI.