HONG KONG, CHINA – EQS – 14 June 2019 – A fully integrated biopharmaceutical company — Uni-Bio Science Group Limited (the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”; Stock code: 0690.HK), and its subsidiary, Uni-Bio Science HealthCare Ltd. are pleased to announce that a Letter of Intent for strategic cooperation framework has been signed with Kaiping Time City Tourism Development Co., Ltd. (“the partner”). The Letter of Intent aims to cooperate with the partner in the construction and operation of the chronic illness rehabilitation base and related healthcare facilities combining with the services of Chronic Disease Management.

Within the next 6 months, both parties will further evaluate the financial feasibility of the project and finalize a deal structure that can better leverage the strengths of each company and lead to a win-win partnership. The successful signing of this cooperation will directly benefit the long-term sales of the Group’s chronic disease product portfolio, especially the soon-to-launch rhExendin-4 (“Uni-E4”) and rhPTH (1-34) (“Uni-PTH”) to treat diabetes and osteoporosis, respectively. Chronic diseases are long-term conditions that usually progress slowly over time, therefore it is often best managed through a comprehensive program that includes education on health, proactive lifestyle changes, well-integrate primary care and aftercare, and drug treatment. By working with our partner, we can integrate our products in a broader chronic disease treatment solution for more effective results for our patients. This approach also corresponds to the strong support of Guangdong Province and local governments for the development of great health industries.

On the signing of this Letter of Intent of the strategic cooperation, Mr. Kingsley Leung, Chairman of and Executive Director of Uni-Bio Science Group Limited said, “With the improvement of living standards and the arrival of “aging China”, the biggest problem threatening people’s health is chronic diseases. The Outline of the 2030 Plan for Healthy China upgrades the management and rehabilitation of chronic diseases to a new strategic level. It is not only the needs of the country but also the demand of the people. The Group’s product line and innovative Biological drugs for the treatment of chronic diseases will be released on the market in the near future, providing a new avenue to treat these diseases that affect over 300 Million people in China alone. It is worth emphasizing that Uni-PTH and Uni-E4 are relatively new products in the Chinese market. They are cost-effective products that solve unmet needs in osteoporosis and diabetes, respectively. However, they are fairly expensive compared to common copy-cat chemical drugs and will require education to physicians and patients on their clinical uniqueness. This opportunity to expand our value-chain further downstream to the private healthcare space will allow the Group to access our target market directly and more cost-effectively. It will enable us to better educate our customers, as well as receive feedback for our products much quicker. Our partner is planning to invest up to RMB Six Billion Yuan into the overall project. When completed, the project will attract significant patient flow!

Mr. Leung continued: “The cooperation between the two sides not only has a very good starting point, but also has a huge potential for further development. In particular, the Group can also provide medical training for health care institutions, technical and operational services for pre-market phase I or post-market phase IV clinical trials of drugs, and can quickly obtain first-hand clinical data for faster and more successful drug development for the Group in the future. “
Uni-Bio Science Group Limited

About Uni-Bio Science Group Limited

Uni-Bio Science Group Limited is principally engaged in the research and development, manufacture and distribution of pharmaceutical products. The research and development center is fully equipped with a complete system for the development of genetically-engineered products with a pilot plant test base which is in line with NMPA requirements. The Group also has two GMP manufacturing bases in Beijing and Shenzhen. The Group is focused on the development of novel treatments and innovative drugs addressing the therapeutic areas of endocrine as diabetes and osteoporosis, ophthalmology and dermatology.

Uni-Bio Science Group Limited was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on November 12, 2001. Stock code: 0690.