HONG KONG, CHINA – Media OutReach – 13 June 2019 – With Father’s Day coming up, how are you planning on celebrating it? Sons and daughters should rack their brains for weeks, trying to impress their superheroes with a perfect gift on this special occasion — something that should be practical but not too predictable.

Have you ever pondered what fathers do need most? Certainly is health and wellbeing. Yet most men in Hong Kong are not keen on undergoing checks, even when they belong to the group facing the most risks from overwhelming work stress and pressure, entertainment occasions involving heavy drinking and high-calorie meals, as well as being stuck in an unhealthy lifestyle with not much physical exercise. As a result, men in the thick of middle age would start to confront some serious health threats such as a fatty or hardened liver, or problems from enlarged prostate (prostatic hypertrophy), which could have been prevented if early diagnosis and intervention were in place in time.

Swindon Medical is celebrating Father’s Day by joining hands with you to promote the health of your beloved ones with professional medical screening and health check packages for men of different age groups, as well as tailored checks for meeting individual’s needs. People can contact the clinic and schedule an appointment for a professional consultation for further details.

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