100-day trial for quality mattress; Beat the heat with cooling humidity-proof materials; Natural tactility for serenity

HONG KONG, CHINA – Media OutReach – 11 Jun 2019 – Sleep is a longtime pursuit of Hongkongers in a metropolitan city where work and learning is done in immense pace. The arrival of summer, when relentless humidity adds to the languor and worsens the situation, making many of us in microscopic living spaces tossing and turning in bed, restless and sleepless. For Hongkongers, here are a few tips on creating a cosy bedroom that invites quality sleep and rejuvenation every day before starting the busy life.

Tip 1: Quality mattress for undisrupted slumber

The importance of a good mattress should not be overlooked for it supports the body for a few continuous hours every night. IKEA’s 100-day mattress trial ensures sufficient time for choosing your ‘perfect match’, and the 25-year guarantee means the pursuit of a good mattress can be done once and for all. IKEA believes everyone deserves a good sleeping environment regardless of the room size, and therefore offers ranges of mattresses from the most common 4 x 6-feet mattress to other larger-sizes .

Tip 2: Beat the summer heat with breathable fitted sheet and bed items

Gaining quality, restful sleep on a summer night is an art. Mattresses and pillows with a layer of gel moulds induce a cooling effect, and, therefore, entice you to sleep. Taking longer time to transfer heat, the layer of gel moulds keep the mattress and pillows cool, while fitted sheets and pillowcases made with breathable and dehumidifying materials such as nylon, lyocell, linen and cotton create a cooling tactility that ensure undisrupted sleep through the night.



fitted sheet and pillowcase, blue


Nylon fibres are woven in a special way to transport heat away and invite coolness and relaxation.


mattress pad


The memory foam topped with a layer of gel moulds fits your body’s curvature. One side offers cooler sleeping surface for you  to choose from.


memory foam pillow

On one side is a cooling gel layer for warmer nights, while the memory foam on the other side is suitable for cooler nights. Covers are available to suit personal needs and offer flexibility in creating a cool sleeping environment.


quilt cover and pillowcases, light grey


Sateen-woven from the finest yarn made of lyocell and cotton fibres. The natural cotton fibres used for the quilt cover offer soft tactility and are sourced sustainably.


quilt cover and pillowcases, white

Composed of linen, these quilt cover and pillowcases will give you many nights of sweet dreams, and they are easily manageable. 




The mix of breathable and dehumidifying lyocell and polyester filling provide an environment of suitable temperatures and are easy to care for.


Tip 3: Bring calm throughout your home with materialism

The TÄNKVÄRD Limited Edition celebrates materialism with its tactile collection of garments, fabric and bedroom items made of natural materials and fibres. Here’s to summer days of cool tactility despite the heat and humidity!



blue cushion cover


The soft cotton cushion cover soothes the skin as much as the mind.


curtains, 1 pair


Let the minimalistic and natural design carve out a sanctuary for you in the bustling city.


easy chair


Relax in the clear lacquered rattan chair and find peace in the hustle and bustle.


flatwoven rug


Made of seagrass, this rug will keep your every step cool and refreshing in the summer heat.


Kimomo (S/L)


Relax in the soft tactility of the kimono as you saunter at  home.


quilt cover and pillowcases

Additional comfort just within reach in bed with bed items made of natural materials.

Make summer the season of intimate gatherings and parties to your heart’s content with the ÖVERALLT collection.

ÖVERALLT Collection
 in/outdoor rocking chair $699  

footstool $399

Regale friends and family in the rocking chair or on the stool.

ÖVERALLT Collection

flatwoven rug $799   

cushion cover $49.9

Running out of seats? Pull out this colourful rug and fit your cushions with these covers for that chat that stretches through the night.


Be at IKEA today to choose your favourite products and create a home for quality sleep. For more IKEA tips on better sleep, visit the website or stores: http://campaignsite-hk-qualitysleep.com

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