Lack of space in homes resulting from the choice of living in apartments is forcing homeowners to look for some additional space for safely storing their goods either in the short term or long term. To meet the growing demand for storage space, a number of companies like Storage Plus – Sydney is providing storage solutions at affordable cost. You can use any clean and secure storage facility that is open 7 days a week but to decide which one would be most suited you must take a careful approach so that the facility meets your expectations to the fullest.

This article should help to make a start in the right way when you are searching for a storage facility.


For your convenience, the storage facility must be close to your location so that it is easy to access. It should not be that the facility is located in the outskirts whereas you stay in the city centre or vice versa.  Having a storage facility near your office or home saves the cost of reaching the place, and the impact could be substantial if you wish to access the facility frequently. Moreover, if you use the facility for a longer duration, the cost factor could be huge.

Accessibility of storage units

Easy accessibility of storage units is a must, and it should not happen that you face difficulties in moving the goods to and from the storage units due to lack of proper access like narrow passages and restricted walkways.  Whether the units are on the ground floor or at a height, proper accessibility is a basic requirement. If you have bulky and heavy materials, choosing a storage facility on the ground floor that has direct access from vehicles is most preferred.


The storage facility must have adequate security arrangements from security guards to advanced security systems like close circuit TV cameras, alarms and other surveillance equipment. If there are lockers at the facility, there must be some system to ensure that regular checks are conducted to ensure that there has not been any trespassing.


Besides ensuring safety from theft and burglary, the facility must also ensure that stored goods are safe from fire, water damage and pest infestation. However, to be on the safe side, you must look into the insurance aspect of the goods in storage so that in case of any eventualities, you receive the monetary compensation for damages.  Check the extent of responsibility of storage centres and whether they have any insurance coverage for customers. If not, then you must arrange for insurance of the goods you store at the facility.

Special storage

Depending on the nature of the item you want to store, you might like to have a temperature controlled storage facility. Some pieces of fine art, important documents or even your favourite wine are best stored in a temperature controlled storage unit. Check if the storage centre has that kind of facility.

Some storage centres offer pick up and dropping services that you can avail at extra cost in case it is difficult to organise goods movement on your own.