Did you know that 90% of the world’s data is assessed to have been created in the last two years alone? Social media users are a massive growing audience that absorbs a large portion of it, and finding an engaging way to showcase your brand is becoming more and more challenging as time goes by.

Well-planned and executed campaigns targeted to specific audiences on Facebook and Instagram can bring a lot of value to your business, but it takes knowing how to do it right. The content you create can get your post up to 94% more views if you include visual elements in it as well. Here is a list of nine tips that will help you better plan and execute your campaigns’ most important part: photographs for social media that you can create yourself.

  1. Quality comes first. This is the #1 rule concerning photography content for social media campaigns. No matter how appealing or appropriate your photograph is, if it’s stretched, pixelated, or doesn’t follow the social platform-suggested aspect ratio, it won’t do your brand any justice.
  1. Consider the purpose. Is a photo supposed to generate engagement for your brand’s Facebook page? Seasoned content creators from superior papers suggest enriching your photograph with an appropriate quote or fact. On the other hand, essay writing service professionals emphasize that, if you are looking to promote a blog post, staying away from adding any text to your chosen photograph would be the best course of action.
  1. Consider the target audience. Here is some valuable advice from Joan Smith, a graphic designer from assignment writing service: “Let your target audience dictate the style of your photographs. Consider the age, gender and social status of your target customer, and what their interests are, and let that information help you in planning your photography content.”
  1. Photos help create a brand personality. The pictures you take for your brand’s social media campaign, naturally, depend on the brand personality. Let your photographs reflect that personality, subtly underlining brand’s beliefs, values, and attitude. Do you feel like you need any help with this aspect? Let UK Best Essays authors offer valuable assistance in the process.
  1. Use the grids, search for symmetry. Even if you aren’t a professional photographer, with a few tricks up your sleeve, you can create appealing images that will benefit your social media campaigns. Before taking a shot, turn on the grids option on your camera, and strategically place important aspects of the photograph within. Another easy trick you can try is creating symmetry. It will give your photographs stability and appeal social media users like.
  1. Stay up to date. Every once in a while, take some time to browse through Facebook and Instagram feeds. This is the best way to stay in touch with current photo content trends. What is it that entices the audience these days, reflections, patterns, repeated elements? Observe, “steal” the ideas, repeat.
  1. Stability is key. Whether you are shooting outside or inside, with your smartphone or with your camera, stability is the most important factor in creating sharp, good-looking pictures. Shoot with a tripod, or simply rest your hands on any available stable surface to get the support you need to take a steady shot.
  1. Include faces. Don’t let your campaigns only showcase pictures of your products. Including subjects (preferably, in natural poses) can leave a significantly better impression on your brand’s audience.
  1. How does your competition do it? The useful trick many digital managers use is investigating how the competition handles their social media accounts. Check them out, and you might find some interesting ideas you can adapt and implement in a social media campaign for your own brand or product.


Patience is the most important part of any social media-related campaign, especially in our time and day, when algorithms change very often, requiring appropriate adjustments in approach from time to time. Stay consistent, produce high-quality content, listen in to how your audience responds, and your campaigns will surely be a success. Try to implement as many of the advice listed above, and they will ensure your campaign is always noticed and well-received in the demanding world of social media.

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