Starting a career in the real world is sometime nerve-cracking since employment in the country is a major problem. But there is a choice and that is to make your own job.

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1. Survey climate of economic opportunity in your area. This survey should tell what your immediate community need by way of goods and services. Remember, entrepreneur provides solutions to customers. A community’s needs may range from peace and order, to garbage disposal, restaurants, to corner stores.

2. Recall all the skills you have gained. Determine what you are particularly good at and which you find most comfortable to practice. Don’t choose the skill you want to earn in the future. Remember that your skill now, something you have commenced in, is your marketable service.

3. Raise some form of capital. Capital may not necessary money. It may be in terms of credit line from a supplier. Capital may take from the form of equipment. But capital is also most often money. If you cant borrow money from a friend try the government funding institution.

4. Form a support group. A support group, a group that will share with you the risks of the business, may be necessary. This network can lead you to sources of information on markets, credits, business opportunities, technologies you need, and so on. Information from them is more than power and a commodity. Information can be turned into income.