For some people, they believe that having only one source of income is not enough to fulfill one’s financial goals. This is somewhat true as having another source of income will definitely help anyone reach financial stability.

side jobs

With this, several jobs are available for people who want to use their skills and earn money. Earn extra money while engaging in the following side jobs provided below.


side jobs

Do you love to take pictures? Use your passion in picture taking to earn money. There are several opportunities in photography since this industry is one of the emerging fields today. You can cover events, such as birthdays and weddings. On the other hand, you can also do photo booth for different occasions as this is one of the trends in various celebrations. Furthermore, you can also use the pictures you have taken to sell to stock photography websites. Some of the trusted stock photography websites are Shutterstock, Getty Images, and Dreamstime.

Writing and Editing

side jobs

Ever since the advent of technology, several jobs, whether full-time and part-time, are available over the Internet. With just few clicks of the mouse, you can already find decent job with right compensation.

Two of the common job opportunities over the Internet are freelance writing and editing. Several websites, such as and offers wide variety of opportunities to both writing and editing. All you have to do is to sign up at their websites and create a profile. Afterwards, you can have the chance to work for pool of clients that your chosen websites have. Moreover, some websites are looking for services like creating curriculum and eLearning solutions. Such work is perfect if you have background in education.

Tip: It is important to spend some time reviewing the profile of each website that offers online stint before deciding to work online. By doing this, you will determine what websites offer the best services and what is suitable for your skills and academic background. Furthermore, make sure that you meet the deadline set by the client to maintain your credibility and enhance your profile in the website you choose. 

Fix Computers

side jobs

If you are tech savvy and knows how to fix computers, why not offer your service to other people? To not interfere in your full time job, you can have computer repair service every weekend. You can also choose to create a social media account and advertise your services so that you can build awareness and attract more customers.

Start Online Store

side jobs

Since the advent of social media sites and e-commerce websites, shopping has never been this easy. Today, purchasing and selling items through social media sites, such as Facebook and Instagram are prevalent since it offers various benefits to both online sellers and consumers. Starting an online store is simple. You just need saleable products and a social media profile.

Mentioned above are some of the side jobs that you might want to consider when you want to earn extra income apart from your full time job. Surely, there are more ways on how to earn extra money. Make time for researching and you will find job that suits your skills.

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