SEO Jobs: Call Yourself an Expert after 2 Years

SEO Jobs: Call Yourself an Expert after 2 Years 1

Search engine optimization or SEO has been a growing industry in the recent years.

And even though SEO is relatively new, various SEO jobs in the Philippines are continually increasing and evolving.

If you want to explore the world of SEO, here are some of the careers in the search engine optimization industry that you might want to take.

SEO Jobs: Call Yourself an Expert after 2 Years 2

Content Copywriter

Content is essential in good SEO since it is considered as the soul of search engine optimization because it can either make or break your company. With this, a person who will produce quality and captivating content is important. This person is called content copywriter.


  • Will write creative and compelling text
  • Will generate content for different mediums
  • Will determine tone and brainstorm ideas

Key Requirements:

  • Degree in Communication or Journalism will do
  • Impeccable writing and editing skills
  • Creativity and persuasion


Link Building Specialist

Since link building is an efficient tactic in search engine optimization, a SEO company needs a person who will communicate and build relationships with webmasters to be able to formulate and execute strategies in creating links towards clients.


  • Will work closely with SEO Manager in researching people and websites
  • Will perform the link development techniques for their clients
  • Will utilized web-based tools in order to submit multiple business listings

Key Requirements:

  • Degree in Communication and IT would be an ideal option
  • A great communicator and relationship-builder
  • Must be able to multi-task

SEO Jobs: Call Yourself an Expert after 2 Years 3

Web Developer

Beautifully structured website is important in SEO. With this, person who will develop and optimize website is definitely needed. This person is called a web developer.


  • Will produce website layout
  • Will maintain websites on plugins and security
  • Will create themes and manipulate existing one if needed

Key Requirements:

  • Degree in Computer Science or Information Technology is an ideal option
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in CSS, HTML, PHP, and Javascript
  • Knowledge in relational database systems and web application development

SEO Jobs: Call Yourself an Expert after 2 Years 4

Web Designer

Apart from the structure, the design of the website is also essential in SEO. A person who is responsible in generating captivating visuals and enhancing the website’s content is the web designer.


  • Will create and design the overall look of the website
  • Will determine technical requirements
  • Will maintain and update websites

Key Requirements:

  • Degree in Multimedia Arts
  • Mastery in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Have a both understanding in graphic design and computer programming

SEO Jobs: Call Yourself an Expert after 2 Years 5

SEO Specialist

The trend in SEO will constantly change and update. A SEO specialist is a person needed to track and implement the changes required so that a website will rank in search engines. 


  • Will analyze and review changes in a website
  • Will do keyword research
  • Will improve client’s organic search results

Key Requirements:

  • Extensive SEO experience
  • Solid understanding of performance marketing and conversion
  • Knowledge in CSS and HTML

     The SEO industry has definitely come a long way since its creation. If you are interested to take a path in this field, just refer to this article to have a glimpse on the different possible careers.           


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