Kabuhayang Swak na swak is an informative business show that features inspiring business opportunities, livelihood and business success stories of ordinary Filipino and celebrity entrepreneurs, marketing strategies, branding, good money habits, among other things. Kabuhayang Swak na swak pave the way for aspiring young entrepreneurs, OFW’s, students to have a business of their own

Update yourself with the latest and the newest, innovative products and businesses in town by watching kabuhayang swak na swak (livelihood that fits) on ABS-CBN live streaming online every Saturdays and Sundays 6a.m.

Website: http://bayanprod.com.ph/

Here are some featured businesses from Kabuhayang Swak na Swak.

If you want to watch kabuhayang swak swak live online, visit here: ABS-CBN live streaming!

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